Crystal clear conversations

Powerful microphone

Earshots high performance microphone is mounted with a silicon sealing and decoupling structure.

Visit our Voice Calls FAQs for technical details.

AI powered voice enhancment

You voice is enhanced so you know you are always heard. Powered by the a revolutionary processor designed to filter everything but the voice.

optimized for voice audio

Acoustic tuning means the voice frequency range of 300hz to 3khz is clear.

Tap and talk

Your calls are easy to answer, hang up or ignore with Earshots simple tap and talk button.

Voice call reviews

Mike Kirkpatrick - Newshub

Taking calls is no problem with Earshots

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Glenn Hart - NewstalkZB

No one has asked if I'm using Bluetooth, that to me is a big tick on call quality

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Mike Blewitt

"Better sound & ambient noise balancing."

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