Incredible sound

Music that will drive you

Custom engineered acoustics that deliver your music exactly as the artists intended it. A 14.2mm titanium coated speaker delivers the best bass ever heard from a non-occluded earphone design. Support for 24bit/96kHz high resolution audio.

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You won't miss a word of your favourite podcasts or audio books. Earshots excel in voice and speech content by ensuring a completely natural and wide band reproduction of voice content in the 300Hz - 3 kHz range.


Your Earshots give absolute speech clarity.  This is supported by deemphasis of very low frequencies, to prevent boomy content masking the speech, and slight emphasis toward mid and high frequency that improves the clarity of subtle verbal cues. 

Ambient Noise Balancing

You will enjoy the safety and awareness with Earshots ambient noise balancing. Our purposely designed non-occluding earbud doesn't pressurise your ear and block out important audio cues.

Audio quality reviews

Lester Perry - NZ MTB Mag

Kendrick Lamar's 'King Kunta' has a deep bassline and the Earshots allowed it to truly shine

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Mike Kirkpatrick - Newshub

Earshots sound rivals that of any earbud I have tried

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Glenn Hart

Earshots do a wonderful job of creating a wide soundscape for the nicely produced stereo effects

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Mike Blewitt - AMB

What's really cool is how they balance ambient noise with what you are listening to

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Ross Johnson

The sound quality is exceptional and the volume is easily adjusted to the users needs

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