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Earshots Earlock

Earshots Earlock uses magnetic techology to lock on to your ear. This solves your problem of earphones falling out, dislodging or slipping out of place while you are moving. The ultimate balance of secure fit and comfort.

Your ears.Your fit

Adjust the earbud to find the position best for your ears. The earbud rotates through 40 degrees of rotation.

Zero pressure fit

The earbuds in Earshots are designed to leave your ear canal free to breath. Unlike traditional earbuds with tips, Earshots won't create the uncomfortable pressure in your ear canal.

Layers of cushioning and comfort

Earshots will cushion your ears with a 3 layered cushioning system developed over 5 years of research and development.

Works with...

Your Earshots will work with...caps, hats, visors, helmets and glasses.

Fit and comfort reviews

Ross Johnson - Runners Tribe

We fell in love with Earshots because they don't move while running

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Glenn Hart - NewstalkZB

I've walked. I've run. I've cycled. I've painted. I've dug. I've lifted. I've even gone up and down ladders. The Earshots never moved.

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Mike Kilpatrick - Newshub

The magnetic SHOCKLOCK system ensures once these are on they are going nowhere.

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Mike Blewitt - AMB

Earshots also add incredible stability when riding – I haven't managed to make mine budge through a couple of months of use

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Rob Bathgate - Wildthings Run Club

EarSHOTS earbuds stay put and that’s amazing

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